Season Preview: New York City FC

There are a lot of questions entering New York City FC's 2014 season. The main query that has been on everyone's mind must be "What?" Yes, New York City FC is a mysterious team indeed. Led by Jason Kreis and backed by Manchester City and the New York Yankees, NYCFC (pronounced "nic-fic" for the most diehard fans) has the promise of really high ticket prices that should ensure the highest of expectations.

Even cross town rival star, Thierry Henry of the New York Red Bulls, stated that not only MLS but New York FC are far from "easy".

"I keep on telling them, β€˜It is not that easy,’ but I guess the guys can only come and try to find out themselves," he argued. "They have to come here and [wow New York City is really good]."

There is no question that the standard of play inside the league is rising and that playing against an almost entirely fictional lineup has its unique challenges. For example, do fictional players exclude ghosts? It's tough to say.

When MLS expands it's always tough to predict a starting lineup. However here at Everybody Soccer we don't shy away from such challenges. Being a start up team, we scouted out the best available talent based out of New York City.

Predicted XI for New York City FC

-------------------------- Spengler ----------------------------

Petrelli --------- Black -------- Parcell --------- Chase

-------------------------- Navorski -----------------------------

Bass ---------------------------------------------- McClegnie

---------------------------- Gravas ------------------------------

----------- Edwards ---------------------- Hobbs -----------

We're predicting a typical 4-4-2 formation with a diamond in the middle the for Nic Fics (a common, endearing term by NYCFC supporters). Latka Gravas in the genius behind the ball who directs the play, although he can disappear for long stretches on the game. Chuck Bass and Bret McClegnie run the wings but sometimes they struggle to get physical with opposition. Up top, look for James Darrell Edwards III and Buddy Hobbs to tirelessly create chances.

On defense, Egon Spengler is the anchor that systematically runs the defense. Viktor Navorski is the stay-at-home midfielder in front of Kenneth Parcell and Joe Black. Black, while relatively unknown, is the more reserved of the two centerbacks, which works well because Parcell can naively find himself out of position often. Outside on the right, Peter Petrelli is a great teammate that takes the shape of whatever the rest of the team is playing. Vincent Chase is on the left and, although he is a hit with the Italian-American crowd, his luxurious lifestyle might be a distraction for the team.

NYCFC have had a great preseason as they've had some major signings (and even been in talks with Scottish defender Goliath, a nick-name for his stone-like defense), and have yet to lose a game.

For fans, the team has yet to agree to a settlement to allow their team to be added into FIFA 14 but be sure to check out Blue Queens FC in the latest PES game.