Everybody Soccer's 2015 NCAA Save of the Year

cover photo belongs to Jesus Hidalgo

Congrats to EJ Proctor for winning the save of the year contest with an overwhelming 44%! Scroll down to see the clutch save!

Everybody Soccer is proud to announce the first ever NCAA Save of the Year award. We have fifteen saves but only one is worthy of earning the title "NCAA Save of the Year". Watch each save and then scroll to the bottom to vote. You can vote for just one or as many as you like, if you can't narrow done to one.

1. Erika Yohn (Purdue vs. Missouri)

Yohn dives over and around her fallen defender to clip the shot towards the post, then jumps on the rebound. 


2. Julie Eckel (Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech)

Got to love the hands here. Somebody email Eckel to find out what glove brand she uses.


3. Caroline Casey (William & Mary vs. Georgetown)

The way Casey wouldn't have reached the shot is if it went five feet over the crossbar.

4. Micah Bledsoe (Lipscomb vs. Louisville)

Bledsoe tracks the ball well and goes against his momentum to make the save on the quick shot. It might not look tough but this is a play that most goalkeepers will whiff on.

5. Todd Morton (Delaware vs. Elon)

Two for the price of one. Morton goes high to stop the first shot then makes a Gordon Banks-esque save off the line to prevent the second.

6. JT Marcinkowski (Georgetown vs. UCLA)

Can't have a save of the year list without a free kick stop. The freshman goalkeeper does a good job to hold onto the ball as well.

7. Michael Breslin (UC Irvine vs. Creighton)

Breslin has a great stare down to make this truly in-your-face save. Breslin gets sets like a cowboy in the west and executes perfectly on the play.

8. Matt Bersano (Penn State vs. Indiana)

Most penalty saves are the same but Bersano guessing the right way isn't enough here. He completely stretches out and goes high with his hands to stop the assumed scoring chance.

9. Jeff Caldwell (Virginia vs. Notre Dame)

Caldwell's reflexes are just enough on this bullet of a shot before sending it into the stratosphere. (Click here for the video, if the gif is too grainy.)

10. Kendall McIntosh (Santa Clara vs UC Riverside)

McIntosh saves Santa Clara with a scramble on the goal line with not one but two saves.

11. Colin Webb (Indiana vs. Maryland)

One second left? No problem. Webb makes a late save to push for overtime.

12. Brenden Alfery (Robert Morris vs. Eastern Illinois)

Alfery retreats back to the goal to turn a bizarre goal into a bizarre save. It's a little awkward, but Alfery displays a stunning awareness and determination to stop the deflected goal. (Video automatically starts at 0:46 for the save.)

13. EJ Proctor (Duke vs. Florida State)

The Seminoles come close here but the deflection doesn't trick Proctor. Oh, and yeah, this was in the NCAA semifinal against number one ranked Florida State. (Click here for another angle to see how fast the play unfolds.)

14 and 15: Andrew Tarbell and Fernando Pina (Clemson vs. Coastal Carolina)

Two great saves in one game. First, Andrew Tarbell steps back to his line to get set for an extension in the first half. (Save at 0:07 in video.)

In overtime, Pina gets low on a 1v1 by kicking his legs out and shooting out his right hand to tip away the potential golden goal. (Pina's save is at 0:55.)



Struggling to vote for just one? Feel free to vote for as many as you deem worthy for Save of the Year. One, two, or fifteen! You can vote up to once a day. Voting ends Sunday night.

What was the best save from the 2015 NCAA season?
1. Erika Yohn (Purdue vs. Missouri)
2. Julie Eckel (Tennesse vs. Virginia Tech
3. Caroline Casey (William and Mary vs. Georgetown)
4. Micah Bledsoe (Lipscomb vs. Louisville)
5. Todd Morton (Delaware vs. Elon)
6. JT Marcinkowski (Georgetown vs. UCLA)
7. Michael Breslin (UC Irvine vs. Creighton)
8. Matt Bersano (Penn State vs. Indiana)
9. Jeff Caldwell (Virginia vs. Notre Dame)
10. Kendall McIntosh (Santa Clara vs. UC Riverside)
11. Colin Webb (Indiana vs. Maryland)
12. Brenden Alfery (Robert Morris vs. Eastern Illinois)
13. EJ Proctor (Duke vs. Florida State)
14. Andrew Tarbell (Clemson vs. Coastal Carolina)
15. Fernando Pina (Coastal Carolina vs. Clemson)
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2015 NCAA Save of the Year

This year Everybody Soccer will be tracking the top saves from NCAA, focusing mostly on men's D-I but hopefully incorporating women's as well as lower D-II and D-III. At the end of the season, we'll have a big bracket for everyone to vote on the first official NCAA Save of the Year. If you have a suggestion, please get in touch by clicking the contact link in the black footer at the bottom of the page.

August 30th

While Purdue didn't pull out the win, Erika Yohn kept it close in overtime against Missouri with this dive admist the chaos.

Ohio State is thankful for recent transfer Chris Froschauer and his shot stopping ability, seen here against Binghamton at the 1:00 mark.

Tennessee's Julie Eckel holds a shot most goalkeepers would be thankful to tip away. Easier said than done.

August 28th

Oakland's Wes Mink gets back and up to tip the ball off the crossbar. Not your typical upper ninety save but important nonetheless.

Ideally we'd have a better camera angle on this redirection but it's what we have. Marco Velez saves South Carolina with this tricky ball.

Alyssa Giannetti makes two awkward but needed saves to keep Virginia from scoring against Cal Poly.

Can't have too many saves on one day. Andi Tostanoski makes a tough save look easy against Notre Dame.

August 27th

Michelle Craft and San Diego didn't pull out the win but she did chalk up this extension save for her resume.


August 23rd

Mimi Borkan keeps her head on a swivel with this double save against Massachusetts. Not the best quality but trust me they are two great saves.

Our first submission! William and Mary's Caroline Casey preserves the shutout with this fantastic save.

August 20th

Freshman Chase Therrien helps keep this shot out of the net for Incarnate Word.

August 15th

Lipscomb's Micah Bledsoe keeps Louisville to only one goal, with multiple big saves. You can catch most of the eight save performance here, including the one below.

August 14th

Senior goalkeeper Kyle Dal Santo gets up and away in an exhibition match against Xavier.

And here's a big ol' map of all the D-1 men's programs in NCAA. Click the drop down menu on the top left of the map to see all the conferences. You can see an enlarged version here.