MLS Pre-Season Watch

Preseason is a great time to watch backup goalkeepers who don't normally get playing time during the regular season. On top of that, some clubs haven't solidified their number one and this is a sneak preview into that.

Chicago Fire

  • Projected Lineup: Sean Johnson / Kyle Reynish / Alec Kann
  • GK battle: Kyle Reynish, Alec Kann for backup
  • 02.02.14 vs Florida Gulf Coast: Kann plays full 90. (Reddit, Full Game)
  • 02.08.14 vs DC United: Sean Johnson starts with Reynish taking second half. (Highlights)
  • 02.11.14 vs Orlando City: Reynish starts then Kann takes over at half. (Recap)
  • 02.12.14 vs DC United: Johnson goes 90. (Highlights)
  • 02.19.14 vs Colorado: Reynish goes 90 and looks a James Bond GoldenEye N64 character on the goal. (Highlights)

Chivas USA

  • Projected Lineup: Dan Kennedy / Tim Melia / ???
  • GK battle: Looks like Tim Melia will be the back up so it comes down to the two trailists, Larry Jackson, Michael Abalos.
  • 02.05.14 vs Los Angeles Galaxy: A trailist goalkeeper (looks like Larry Jackson) looks pretty slow. Free Agent Michael Abalos comes in at 66' and we get a brief look at him in the highlights.
  • 02.10.14 vs OC Blues: Melia starts and I think Michael Abalos comes on for the final third (Highlights). Whoever the goalkeeper for the Blues is did pretty well also. I think it's Aaron Perez but the Blues aren't interested in publicizing their team, it turns out.
  • 02.13.14 vs Real Salt Lake: Melia, Abalos (I think), and Kennedy split thirds. Most of the highlights are either of Melia, Abalos, or another unmentioned goalkeeper. (Highlights)
  • 02.16.14 vs Colorado Rapids: Kennedy then Melia in 45s. (Full Game). Kennedy gives up a pretty bad goal at 21:20.
  • 02.19.14 vs FC Tucson: Melia starts and Jackson (I think) comes in second half. I think Melia is lucky to not get a goal called on him. No shots of Jackson. (Highlights)
  • 02.22.14 vs New England: Jackson and Abalos split, pretty sure. Jackson still looks slow. No footage of the second goalkeeper. (Highlights)

Colorado Rapids

  • Projected Lineup: Clint Irwin / Joe Nasco / John Berner
  • GK battle: John Berner and Joe Nasco are battling for backup.
  • 02.02.14 vs Houston: Nasco then Berner for last third. Nasco basically jumps out of the way of the ball on the first goal and there is a pretty hilarious sequence at 1:00. (Highlights)
  • 02.16.14 vs Chivas USA: Irwin gets scored on two PKs. (Full Game)
  • 02.19.14 vs Chicago: Berner starts over Nasco. Two goals on Berner but tough goals nonetheless. (Highlights)
  • 02.22.14 vs Real Salt Lake: Nasco pulls Irwin at 70'. (Recap)

Columbus Crew

  • Projected Lineup: Steve Clark / Matt Lampson / Daniel Withrow
  • GK battle: Matt Lampson, Steve Clark for starter. Daniel Withrow, Brad Stuver are fighting for third string
  • 02.05.14 vs Malmo FF: Lampson starts and Clark takes second half. Highlights of first half (none of second) at 52:35.
  • 02.19.14 vs Toronto FC: Lampson is at least in goal for both the first two goals but I don't know of the second half. (Variety of highlights)

DC United

  • Projected Lineup: Bill Hamid / Joe Willis / Andrew Dykstra
  • GK battle: Joe Willis, Andrew Dykstra for backup
  • 02.05.14 vs Toronto FC: Dykstra gets the start as Willis is in goal for the second half and only goal scored. (Goal, Various Highlights)
  • 02.08.14 vs Chicago: DC defensive woes continue as Hamid starts and Dykstra watches two goals get past him. Not entirely responsible but could have been better. (Highlights)
  • 02.12.14 vs Chicago: Hamid then Willis but I would like to see Willis do better on the goal. Doesn't really get off the ground... (Highlights)

FC Dallas

  • Projected Lineup: Raul Fernandez / Chris Seitz / Richard Sanchez
  • GK battle: Sanchez and Seitz are vying for backup roles.
  • 02.07.14 vs FC Hacken: Sanchez and Seitz split halves. Sanchez has a nice 1v1 save at 38:00.
  • 02.10.14 vs FC Hacken: Round two and Sanchez, Seitz and Kyle Zobeck go in thirds. Seitz and Zobeck have some really nice saves in the highlights while Sanchez gives up two goals because of vertical positioning. (Highlights)
  • 02.19.14 vs South Florida: Seitz and Sanchez split halves (Recap)
  • 02.22.14 vs Ft. Lauderdale: Seitz starts and Sanchez comes in at half in a 6-1 win (Recap)

Houston Dynamo

  • Projected Lineup: Tally Hall / Tyler Deric / Michael Lisch
  • GK battle: Tyler Deric, Michael Lisch for backup.
  • 01.29.14 vs Houston Academy: Academy player Andy Rios looks a little out of his depth oh wait he's playing against professional players never mind. Deric and Lisch split halves. (Highlights)
  • 02.02.14 vs Colorado: Deric then Lisch, both look a step behind. (Highlights)
  • 02.05.14 vs Portland: Hall plays first 60 and Deric gives up two goals in a still solid performance. (Highlights)
  • 02.08.14 vs San Jose: Deric gets the 90 in a mostly reserves game. Looks a bit sloppy but alright. (Full Game, Highlights)
  • 02.10.14 vs FC Tucson: Hall then Lisch in halves. (Recap)
  • 02.12.14 vs Houston Baptist: Hall goes 90.
  • 02.15.14 vs SMU: Deric then Hall in 45s. Nice save by Hall at 2:30.
  • 02.19.14 vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds: Hall then Deric in halves. I feel like Hall should have saved the first goal. (Highlights)

Los Angeles Galaxy

  • Projected Lineup: Jaime Penedo / Brian Rowe / Brian Perk
  • GK battle: Jaime Penedo, Brian Rowe for starter and Brian Perk is looking to mix things up.
  • 02.05.14 vs Chivas USA: Penedo and Perk split. Perk's second goal (late in the video) is fairly reckless on his part. I think Perk is playing with head gear at the moment too. (Highlights)
  • 02.08.14 vs FC Shirak: Penedo and Rowe both play by the looks of it. (Recap)
  • 02.15.14 vs San Jose Earthquakes: Looks like Perk plays full 90. I think Penedo and Rowe are hurt at the moment. (Recap)
  • 02.22.14 vs Los Angeles Galaxy II: Cody Laurendi plays 90 for LAGII. Perk starts for LAG and Rowe comes in at 62'. (Recap)

Montreal Impact

  • Projected Lineup: Troy Perkins / Maxime Crépeau / Evan Bush
  • GK battle: Evan Bush, Maxime Crépeau and maybe another for backup.
  • 02.16.14 vs Orlando City SC: Crépeau goes 90. No video :( (Recap)
  • 02.19.14 vs Fluminese FC U23: Perkins goes 90. (Full Game)

New England Revolution

  • Projected Lineup: Brad Knighton / Bobby Shuttleworth / Luis Soffner
  • GK battle: Bobby Shuttleworth, Brad Knighton for starter. Luis Soffner trying to make backup.
  • 01.31.14 vs Malmö FF: Shuttleworth plays full 90.
  • 02.04.14 vs Philadelphia: Knighton goes 90. (Recap)
  • 02.19.14 vs Real Salt Lake: Knighton plays full 90 with Soffner on the bench. I'm not positive where Shuttleworth was. (RecapHighlights)
  • 02.22.14 vs Chivas USA: Shuttleworth plays 90 and looks alright (Highlights)

New York Red Bulls

  • Projected Lineup: Luis Robles / Santiago Castano / Ryan Meara (Meara appears to be injured)
  • GK battle: Santiago Castano, Ryan Meara for backup
  • 02.12.14 vs Philadelphia: Robles plays 70 and Castano comes in for 20. (Full Game) Robles gives up his post for a goal at 58:20.
  • 02.19.14 vs Sporting Kansas City: Robles and Castano go 45s. Castano looks raw and Robles is ready for the season. (Highlights)
  • 02.22.14 vs Montreal Impact: Meara returns to play the second half after Robles plays the first.

Philadelphia Union

  • Projected Lineup: Zac MacMath / Andre Blake / Brian Holt
  • GK battle: Zac MacMath and Andre Blake for starter. Brian Holt is likely third string.
  • 02.04.14 vs New England Revolution: MacMath, Blake, and Holt all gets 30s. (Recap)
  • 02.12.14 vs New York Red Bulls: MacMath splits with Blake. (Full Game) MacMath gives up a not good goal at 38:00 and an okay goal at 1:05:20. Blake looks characteristically quick yet sloppy at 2:10:30.
  • 02.19.14 vs Orlando City: Blake comes on at 63' for MacMath. (Recap)

Portland Timbers

  • Projected Lineup: Donovan Ricketts / Andrew Weber / David Meves
  • GK battle: Andrew Weber, David Meves for backup. (Jake Gleeson on loan)
  • 02.01.14 vs SKC: Donovan Ricketts and Gleeson supposedly split time in a 1-1 draw but a white guy is definitely getting scored on in the (Highlights)
  • 02.05.14 vs Houston: Weber starts and has a really nice save. No video of Ricketts coming in last third (Highlights)
  • 02.08.14 vs Seattle: Ricketts gets 60 and Weber finishes.
  • 02.12.14 vs Indy Eleven: Jake Gleeson goes 90 in a 1-0 win (Recap)

Real Salt Lake

  • Projected Lineup: Nick Rimando / Jeff Attinella / Lalo Fernandez
  • GK battle: Jeff Attinella, Lalo Fernandez for backup
  • 01.29.14 vs RSL U18s: Not sure who plays for the U18s but Fernandez and Attinella's split halves (Recap)
  • 02.08.14 vs UC Irvine: Attinella and Fernandez switch halves (Recap)
  • 02.13.14 vs Chivas USA: Rimando starts, gets scored on a pretty decent free kick, and Attinella finishes the second half. (Highlights)
  • 02.19.14 vs New England: Attinella goes 60 but Fernandez coming in for the final third is enough time to make him a hero. (Highlights)
  • 02.22.14 vs Colorado: Fernandez pulls Rimando at 62'. (Recap)

San Jose Earthquakes

  • Projected Lineup: Jon Busch / David Bingham / Bryan Meredith
  • GK battle: Jon Busch, David Bingham for starter. Bryan Meredith is pushing for backup.
  • 02.05.14 vs Seattle: Busch, I think, plays 90. Gives up two goals in a "meh" performance. (Highlights)
  • 02.08.14 vs Houston: Bingham starts then Meredith comes on at 61' and gives up three goals. Meredith could have been better. (Full Game, Highlights)
  • 02.15.14 vs Los Angeles Galaxy: Busch plays 90, I think? (First Goal)

Seattle Sounders

  • Projected Lineup: Stefan Frei / Marcus Hahnemann / Josh Ford
  • GK battle: Stefan Frei, Marcus Hahnemann for starter. Josh Ford is aiming for backup.
  • 02.05.14 vs San Jose: Frei played the full 90. Makes a nice save on a flicked on header. Didn't look his best on the goal. (Highlights)
  • 02.06.14 vs Seattle: Hahnemann plays 90. (Highlights)
  • 02.08.14 vs Portland: Hahnemann plays 90 and makes a pretty bad error. (Highlights)
  • 02.09.14 vs Vancouver: Frei starts and Josh Ford hops Hahnemann for the last third. (Highlights)
  • 02.22.14 vs Charlotte Battery: Hahnemann plays 90 in 2-1 win. I think Houston Academy player Andy Rios was in net for Charlotte. (Recap)

Sporting Kansas City

  • Projected Lineup: Eric Kronberg / Andy Gruenebaum / Jon Kempin
  • GK battle: Eric Kronberg, Andy Gruenebaum for starter.
  • 01.28.14 vs FC Tucson: Kronberg then Gruenebaum in 45s. Kronberg gets scored on right before 21:00. (Recap)
  • 02.01.14 vs Portland: Kronberg and Gruenebaum split, in that order. Gruenebaum gets chipped but later makes a nice kick save. (Highlights)
  • 02.07.14 vs Indy Eleven: Kronberg plays 60, Gruenebaum last 30. (Recap)
  • 02.19.14 vs New York Red Bulls: Kronberg goes full 90. (Highlights)

Toronto FC

  • Projected Lineup: Julio Cesar / Joe Bendik / Chris Konopka
  • GK battle: Julio Cesar, Joe Bendik, and Chris Konopka are all the roster but I think we know how it's going to play out.
  • 02.05.14 vs DC United: Bendik then Konopka for 45s each. (Recap)
  • 02.16.14 vs Columbus: Cesar starts but who knows after that. (Various Highlights)


  • Projected Lineup: David Ousted / Marco Carducci / Paolo Tornaghi
  • GK battle: Paolo Tornaghi, Marco Carducci for backup
  • 02.05.14 vs Indy Eleven: Trailist Simon Thomas, who was cut by Vancouver at the end of last season, started then Tornaghi enters at 61'. Thomas gives up a not great free kick and Tornaghi gets left out to dry on a 1v1 (Highlights)
  • 02.06.14 vs Seattle: Ousted then the 17 year old Carducci for the second half. Ousted didn't look great on either of the two goals scored on him. (Highlights)
  • 02.09.14 vs Seattle: Outsed starts and Carducci jumps in at 49'. I thought he did alright. (Highlights)
  • 02.16.14 vs Victoria Vikes: Ousted and Carducci push their streak to three. (Highlights) Check out 1:20 for a laugh.

Cover picture belongs to Real Salt Lake.