Everybody Soccered - Week 7

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! Although our curling could use some help...

  • The biggest news was the finalization of Julio Cesar to Toronto. We knew this was coming for a couple of weeks but it was finally announced it is a loan and will return to QPR after the 2014 MLS season. Cesar says he wants to finish the loan, even after the World Cup. That sounds nice but his optimism to play for Canadian team may wane after the World Cup.
  • Justin Bryant did an AMA on Reddit. Please read about "The Syndrome". Please help spread Goalkeeper Syndrome awareness.
  • Today in 2006, Brad Guzan got his first cap for the US in a 4-0 win over Guatemala where he did absolutely nothing.
  • Matt Pickens is applying his trade with Bob Bradley's Stabæk. Some almost-translated quotes from the article

    "It was nice to get some combat training again. League of the United States ended in October, and this was my first game since then," says Pickens stood the first 45 minutes before being replaced by Jonathan Rasheed.

    Bjorn Helge Riise scored Lille Current first by a dainty chip alone with Pickens, before former Quotes player Palmi Palmason headed the second just after.

  • Vancouver finished their shuffle by signing ex-Chicago backup Paolo Tornaghi. It looks like Pat McLain was called in but ultimately not signed.
  • Brian Perk may get some starts early in the season with Penedo and Rowe recovering from injuries. Perk was the starting goalkeeper for the US in the U20 2009 World Cup. If Perk does start, I can't imagine he keeps the job long. Surely Rowe or Penedo will become fit enough to bump Perk back down.
  • The Timbers are loaning out New Zealand international Jake Gleeson to USL Pro side Sacramento. With six caps under his belt, the real question is "Which team is better between New Zealand and Sacramento Republic?"
  • Of all the goalkeepers signing to the NCAA, these were the ones of note for me:
    Class of 2014
    • Hunter Harrison - Oregon St
    • Evan Louro - Michigan
    • Andrew Ferber - NC State
    • Craig Duggan - South Carolina
    • Jeff Caldwell - Virginia
    • Elliott Rubio - Akron
    • Marius Heislitz - NC State
    • Peter Tappenden - Colgate
    • Carter Richardson - Wake Forest
    • Shaun Quinn - American
    • Treston Kederer - San Francisco University
    • Logan Jones - William and Mary
    • Paul Christensen - Portland
    • Braeden Luna - Kentucky
  • Class of 2015
    • Justin Vom Steeg - UCSB
    • Dakota Havlick - UCLA
    • Jacob Rooth - Creighton
    • Avery Miller - SMU
    • Jonathan Klinsmann - UC Berkeley
  • Fourth string Kyle Zobeck could be out in Dallas.
  • Big Soccer links
  • I'm excited to start my 2018 USMNT Stock project. You can see the 2014 monthly update by clicking the next tab.