Four American Goalkeepers We Could See Back in the States

Brendan Moore

The UNC alum has had an up and down tenure overseas. After a successful time with Torquay United, earning 58 starts in just over a year’s time, Moore would proceed to earn then lose the starting spot twice with third division Rochdale, most recently stringing three shutouts before a gaffe in the FA Cup saw him return to the bench.

Moore is more than talented enough for the USL but considering his struggle to gain consistent playing time, it may be a good restart for his career. If he can get a team to promise more consistent playing time (Moore has only 15 starts in 18 months of play with Rochdale) and find an agreeable salary between the two, they should see a reward in their investment.

Lindsey Harris

Another UNC alum is making waves overseas as she comes to a bit of a crossroads in her career. She’s been successful at the two European clubs coming out of college. First with the Icelandic side FH, where she dropped the club’s goals allowed by over 35%, then with her current Norwegian club Klepp, which currently sit in Champions League position.

There aren’t many starting spots available in the NWSL to begin with, and even less when considering how many have already sorted out their starter for 2019. If Harris can get a decent offer with promising of playing time, she may end up stateside next spring. If not, expect to see Harris in the UEFA Champions League next season.

Eric Klenofsky


It’s hard to praise any goalkeeper who is starting for a team who has 6 points through 14 games, but considering Hapoel Marmorek has only scored 6 times and is already on their third coach for the season, it’s a pretty impressive feat. Klenofsky is moving the ball well and looking agile in goal after finally returning to the field after being sidelined with injuries.

There are a number of different paths Klenofsky can take but if he can put together a complete season, he might have a tough decision on in front of him: move up with another club (whether in Israel or elsewhere) or return stateside if an American team has been paying attention.

Emily Dolan

From Italy to Poland to now Spain, Emily Dolan is the prime example of how a goalkeeper can be rewarded after playing well in goal. Currently Dolan sits second string for 6th place Real Betis and most recently earned her first start with her new club, in a 1-0 loss to Logroño.

Dolan has plenty of potential suitors overseas but by the end of the season, there won’t be many goalkeepers around her age with the playing experience she has amounted. For NWSL teams who are so keen on having experienced goalkeepers in net, Dolan could be an outside pick for a side looking to bring in some fresh blood.