The 50 Greatest MLS Goalkeepers of All-Time

MLS enters its 22nd season next month and while there hasn't been an overwhelmingly amount of goalkeepers in the league's history - only 170 so far - we've still seen a number of great goalkeepers come through the league. But who are the best of the best?

There are a number of ways to determine the league's top goalkeepers. Depending on how much you want to weigh talent, achievements, and time in the league, you could come up with a number of different orders. This list is centered less on statistics and more on when the goalkeeper played in the league. If the goalkeeper played a number of games well past his prime, or too far in front of it, then his time in his league isn't as valuable as certain goalkeepers with less appearances. Simply by appearing in the league isn't a good barometer of the best, as a look at the top twenty goalkeepers with the most games played in MLS history shows us.

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1. Kevin Hartman (416 Games, 1997-2012)
2. Nick Rimando (424 Games, 2000-present)
3. Jon Busch (309 Games, 2002-2015)
4. Pat Onstad (223 Games, 2003-2011)
5. Matt Reis (293 Games, 1998-2013)
6. Joe Cannon (342 Games, 1999-2013)
7. Zach Thornton (282 Games, 1996-2011)
8. Tony Meola (250 Games, 1996-2006)
9. Scott Garlick (237 Games, 1997-2006)
10. Tim Howard (102 Games, 1998-2003, 2016-present)

Bill says: There could be a case for twenty or more goalkeepers to be included here, depending on what criteria you use. Most fans are familiar with the majority here and will compliment them for having such long careers. While some will talk about certain goalkeepers being ageless, Pat Onstead playing until 43 without fading into a shadow of himself is the gold standard. 1997 MLS Cup winner Scott Garlick is often overlooked as well, who spent over a decade in the league. But however you want to rank them, at the end of the day it's Hartman and Rimando battling out the top spot.

11. Luis Robles (140 Games, 2012-present)
12. Troy Perkins (217 Games, 2005-2007, 2010-2015)
13. Will Hesmer (133 Games, 2006-2011)
14. David Ousted (114 Games, 2013-present)
15. Marcus Hahnemann (70 Games, 1997-1999, 2013)
16. Bo Oshoniyi (109 Games, 1996, 2000-2006)
17. Ian Feuer (45 Games, 1998-1999)
18. Matt Pickens (156 Games, 2005-2007, 2009-2013)
19. Dan Kennedy (163 Games, 2008-present)
20. Kasey Keller (93 Games, 2009-2011)

Bill says: Ian Feuer is a great example of a truly outstanding goalkeeper who gets a boost here despite the lack of games played. Perkins quietly earned over 200 appearances in the league, only one of ten goalkeepers to do so, which I think most recent fans gloss over for not seeing him in his prime. Robles, Ousted, and Kennedy are probably more familiar to fans than Bo Oshoinyi or even Will Hesmer, whose career was cut short due to injuries but the 2008 MLS Cup winner had a successful career nonetheless.

21. Mike Ammann (125 Games, 1996-2001)
22. Jorge Campos (52 Games, 1996-1998)
23. Brad Friedel (38 Games, 1996-1997)
24. Andy Gruenebaum (91 Games, 2006-2014)
25. Stefan Frei (180 Games, 2009-present)
26. Donovan Ricketts (188 Games, 2009-2015)
27. Bill Hamid (160 Games, 2010-present)
28. Walter Zenga (47 Games, 1997-1998)
29. Mark Dodd (92 Games, 1996-1999)
30. Mark Dougherty (123 Games, 1996-2001)

Bill says: Typically MLS 1.0 is frowned upon for the quality of play but the league started off with a strong goalkeeper presence from day one. Jorge Campos didn't stay in the league long but alongside Ammann, Dodd, Dougherty, Friedel, and Zenga, the first goalkeepers set a strong standard for the league. Bill Hamid will likely be challenging for the top ten in a few years if he continues to push off a move overseas.

31. Tally Hall (153 Games, 2010-2015)
32. Steve Clark (100 Games, 2014-2016)
33. Bouna Coundoul (99 Games, 2006-2011)
34. Juergen Sommer (54 Games, 1998-2002)
35. Brad Guzan (79 Games, 2005-2008)
36. Chris Woods (23 Games, 1996-1996)
37. Evan Bush (79 Games, 2012-present)
38. Jon Conway (88 Games, 2000-2011)
39. Adin Brown (85 Games, 2000-2005)
40. Jonny Walker (58 Games, 2003-2006)

Bill says: USMNT goalkeeping hipsters will recognize Sommer and Woods. Sommer was the first American goalkeeper overseas in England while Woods was England's first goalkeeper in MLS, who would later be the USMNT goalkeeper coach. Adin Brown and Jonny Walker are mostly remembered for what could have been. Both were once promising young goalkeepers who had their careers derailed due to injuries.

41. Tom Presthus (106 Games, 1997-2003)
42. Greg Sutton (53 Games, 1999-2000, 2007-2012)
43. Raúl Fernández (47 Games, 2013-2014)
44. Tyler Deric (55 Games, 2009-present)
45. Tim Melia (56 Games, 2012-present)
46. Jeff Cassar (79 Games, 1996-2006)
47. David Bingham (73 Games, 2011-present)
48. Jaime Penedo (54 Games, 2013-2015)
49. David Kramer (106 Games, 1996-2002)
50. Mark Simpson (53 Games, 1996-2001)

Bill says: A mix of hidden gems and recent stars. Mark Simpson started in the first MLS final. Tom Presthus earned one cap with the USMNT, and probably would be starting today if he had come along twenty years later. Veterans Jeff Cassar and David Kramer were constantly battling off top goalkeepers within the league but similar to Presthus, would likely be more successful in a league with twice as many teams.