Top 100 American Goalkeepers - February 2017

It's been a while since we've had top 100 rankings so it's about time we reviewed the hierarchy. Hopefully we can take a look at the women's side soon once some info on who is being invited into camps comes out.

Winter rankings are tough for domestic players as the offseason plays a bigger role in a goalkeeper's development than we're aware of. We know for the most part where goalkeepers left off last fall but we don't know how they've tweaked their game over the last few months. So think of these ranking as more as guidelines this time around.

You can also view the top 100 history, dating back for almost four years if you just love colored spreadsheets.

1. Brad Guzan, 32 - Middlesbrough (England.1)
2. Tim Howard, 37 - Colorado Rapids (USA.1)
3. Tyler Deric, 28 - Houston Dynamo (USA.1)
4. Bill Hamid, 26 - DC United (USA.1)
5. Jimmy Maurer, 29 - New York Cosmos (USA.2)
6. David Bingham, 27 - San Jose Earthquakes (USA.1)
7. Steve Clark, 30 - AC Horsens (Denmark.1)
8. Tim Melia, 29 - Sporting Kansas City (USA.1)
9. Luis Robles, 32 - New York Red Bulls (USA.1)
10. Joe Willis, 28 - Houston Dynamo (USA.1)

Bill says: I'm sure the biggest head scratcher on this list is Tyler Deric at number three. He's had limited exposure in the media with injury issues last year, but if he can stay healthy - and get a decent team in front of him - he can make a splash on the goalkeeper scene. Cosmos fans should be happy to see Maurer return although being in NASL hasn't historically been helpful in moving goalkeepers to a national team camp. Steve Clark hasn't started for AC Horsens yet but one of the worst defensive teams in Denmark could certainly use the boost.

11. Alex Horwath, 29 - SK Brann (Norway.1)
12. Joe Bendik, 27 - Orlando City SC (USA.1)
13. Nick Rimando, 37 - Real Salt Lake (USA.1)
14. William Yarbrough, 27 - Leon (Mexico.1)
15. Stefan Frei, 30 - Seattle Sounders (USA.1)
16. Brian Rowe, 28 - Los Angeles Galaxy (USA.1)
17. Evan Bush, 30 - Montreal Impact (USA.1)
18. Ethan Horvath, 21 - Club Brugge (Belgium.1)
19. Chris Seitz, 29 - FC Dallas (USA.1)
20. Matt Pickens, 34 - Tampa Bay Rowdies (USA.2)

Bill says: Horvath continues to move up the list and should crack the top ten by the end of the year. Alex Horwath is sat quietly as Brann's backup last year but I'd love to see him get some more games under his belt. Bendik had somewhat of a mixed season last year, with positives movements spliced with disappointing goals. It's taken him a little longer than some would like but hopefully Bendik has his feet under him now to have a complete season.

21. Jeff Attinella, 28 - Portland Timbers (USA.1)
22. Clint Irwin, 27 - Toronto FC (USA.1)
23. Matt Pyzdrowski, 30 - Helsingborg IF (Sweden.1)
24. Patrick McLain, 28 - Minnesota United FC (USA.1)
25. Sean Johnson, 27 - New York City FC (USA.1)
26. Zac MacMath, 25 - Colorado Rapids (USA.1)
27. Austin Guerrero, 27 - FC Alianza (Panama.1)
28. Matt Lampson, 27 - Chicago Fire (USA.1)
29. Quentin Westberg, 30 - FC Tours (France.2)
30. Andrew Dykstra, 31 - Sporting Kansas City (USA.1)

Bill says: Attinella, McLain, MacMath, and Dykstra are all goalkeepers I'd like to see get more opportunities but they're currently playing second fiddle, with some being closer to their respective starting goalkeeper than others. Mexican-American goalkeeper Austin Guerrero heads to Panama after an odd interview with ESPN last summer. Sean Johnson could have a better year in New York but he doesn't have a lot too build off of from Chicago.

31. Ryan Meara, 26 - New York Red Bulls (USA.1)
32. Bryan Meredith, 27 - Seattle Sounders (USA.1)
33. Jon Kempin, 23 - Free Agent (None)
34. Brendan Moore, 24 - Torquay United FC (England.5)
35. Alec Kann, 26 - Atlanta United (USA.1)
36. Bobby Shuttleworth, 29 - New England Revolution (USA.1)
37. Akira Fitzgerald, 29 - Free Agent (None)
38. David Meves, 27 - Free Agent (None)
39. Mitch Hildebrandt, 28 - FC Cincinnati (USA.3)
40. John McCarthy, 24 - Philadelphia Union (USA.1)

Bill says: Don't be surprised if Shuttleworth sits a majority of the season. New England wants to return to the playoffs so if they need to change things up, it may be in the goalkeeping department with Cody Cropper. Alec Kann finally gets a starting job in Atlanta, until Brad Guzan shows up this summer. It looks like Jon Kempin isn't returning to SKC but no word on where the youngster will land.

41. Devala Gorrick, 29 - St. Louis FC (USA.3)
42. Evan Newton, 28 - Sacramento Republic (USA.3)
43. Jon Busch, 40 - Indy Eleven (USA.2)
44. John Berner, 26 - Colorado Rapids (USA.1)
45. Brad Stuver, 25 - Columbus Crew (USA.1)
46. Matt Van Oekel, 30 - Real Salt Lake (USA.1)
47. Brad Knighton, 32 - New England Revolution (USA.1)
48. Josh Wicks, 33 - IK Sirius (Sweden.1)
49. Josh Saunders, 35 - Orlando City SC (USA.1)
50. Dan Kennedy, 34 - Los Angeles Galaxy (USA.1)

Bill says: Jon Busch playing at 40 is an incredible feat, something that is often taken for granted. Josh Saunders heads south after NYC is going to go with Sean Johnson. I suppose he realized that if he's going to be second string, he might as well do it on the beach. Josh Wicks slides over to newly promoted IK Sirius. Promoted Swedish teams have finished around mid-table in the past so he's lined up to have a very influential season.

51. Richard Sanchez, 22 - Tampico Madero (Mexico.2)
52. Jesse Gonzalez, 21 - FC Dallas (USA.1)
53. Jon Dawson, 25 - Free Agent (None)
54. Trevor Spangenberg, 25 - Puerto Rico FC (USA.2)
55. Brandon Miller, 27 - OC Blues FC (USA.3)
56. Chris Konopka, 31 - Free Agent (None)
57. Kyle Zobeck, 27 - New York Cosmos (USA.2)
58. Nathan Stockie, 27 - Free Agent (None)
59. Diego Restrepo, 29 - Free Agent (None)
60. Scott Angevine, 27 - Free Agent (None)

Bill says: There was a time where Richard Sanchez was getting all the press and Jesse Gonzalez was an afterthought. Now a few years later, it's not clear what the plan is for Sanchez, who has had zero professional starts in Mexico, while Gonzalez continues to grow with FC Dallas. A number of free agents here but also a few likely calling it quits if they can't find a club soon.

61. Will Dieterich, 29 - IF Grótta (Iceland.2)
62. Josh Ford, 29 - San Antonio FC (USA.3)
63. Carl Woszczynski, 28 - Phoenix Rising (USA.3)
64. Ryan Taylor, 26 - Richmond Kickers (USA.3)
65. Kris Devaux, 25 - Free Agent (None)
66. Brian Holt, 28 - New York Cosmos (USA.2)
67. Cody Laurendi, 28 - Oklahoma City Energy FC (USA.3)
68. Brian Sylvestre, 24 - North Carolina FC (USA.3)
69. Zac Lubin, 27 - Free Agent (None)
70. Charlie Lyon, 24 - Free Agent (None)

Bill says: Charlie Lyon was training with Minnesota United but they seem to be leaning another way. He has Seattle 2 experience so I imagine he'll land somewhere. Brian Sylvestre is one of the lucky, young goalkeepers who has a team backing him at the starting spot.

71. Trey Mitchell, 25 - Pittsburgh Riverhounds (USA.3)
72. Cody Mizell, 25 - Charlotte Independence (USA.3)
73. Sebastian Evers, 26 - Miami FC (USA.2)
74. Adam Grinwis, 24 - Free Agent (None)
75. Andre Rawls, 27 - New York City FC (USA.1)
76. Spencer Richey, 24 - Vancouver Whitecaps (USA.1)
77. Rafael Diaz, 25 - New York Red Bulls II (USA.3)
78. Justin Luthy, 25 - Colorado Springs Switchbacks (USA.3)
79. Matt Bersano, 24 - Free Agent (None)
80. CJ Cochran, 25 - Oklahoma City Energy FC (USA.3)

Bill says: I had originally taken Rawls off the list a few months back as I thought he had moved on but he's still grinding away. More draft picks don't make it into their third year than do so he's doing well for himself. Trey Mitchell spent the last couple years in the MLS Goalkeeper Pool and has finally found a team to sign him on. Richey and Diaz also are success stories that may have a quiet year in 2017, but are set up to be worth the wait down the line.

81. Cody Cropper, 24 - New England Revolution (USA.1)
82. Tyler Miller, 23 - Seattle Sounders (USA.3)
83. Alexandros Tabakis, 24 - Atlanta United (USA.1)
84. Travis Worra, 23 - DC United (USA.1)
85. Ciaran Nugent, 25 - Sligo Rovers (Ireland.1)
86. Eric Osswald, 25 - Free Agent (None)
87. Earl Edwards, 25 - Orlando City SC (USA.1)
88. Daniel Schmidt, 25 - Matsumoto Yamaga FC (Japan.2)
89. Andrew Tarbell, 23 - San Jose Earthquakes (USA.1)
90. Kyle Renfro, 24 - Free Agent (None)

Bill says: Cody Cropper is making a name for himself in preseason and while some will says "He's USYNT, of course he's known" he wasn't exactly having a successful time overseas. I interviewed Nugent about life in Ireland recently. Perhaps we will see Tarbell get more than 45 minutes this year, with Bingham having a strong possibility of going to the Gold Cup.

91. Devin Perales, 23 - Free Agent (None)
92. Zack Steffen, 21 - Columbus Crew (USA.1)
93. Keith Cardona, 24 - Indy Eleven (USA.2)
94. Eric Klenofsky, 22 - DC United (USA.1)
95. Josh Cohen, 24 - Phoenix Rising (USA.3)
96. Jeff Gal, 23 - Lidköpings FK (Sweden.4)
97. Alex Bono, 22 - Toronto FC (USA.1)
98. Calle Brown, 24 - Houston Dynamo (USA.1)
99. Tomas Gomez, 23 - Rochester Rhinos (USA.3)
100. Kris Schultz, 24 - Canterbury United (New Zealand.1)

Bill says: Steffen could find himself into a starting gig very soon, as the position is still open. Klenofsky has been in the press most recently but other goalkeepers like Bono and Cardona have shown positives signs but still have room to grow.