End of Year NCAA Goalkeeper Rankings - Men's 2016

photo from Doug Hood

The women's rankings dropped last week and now we're on to the men's. This is third year we've had college rankings and you can look back on past rankings to see what goalkeepers have come through the college ranks.

2014 Rankings
2015 Rankings
2016 Preseason Rankings

The MLS Combine will be held on January 7th-12th with the SuperDraft on the following Friday the 13th. Combines and drafts haven't quite shown a proven track record of picking the right goalkeepers so don't be surprised if undrafted seniors show back up elsewhere.



1. Eric Klenofsky (Monmouth) - 22
2. Alec Ferrell (Wake Forest) - 22
3. Bill Heavner (UMBC) - 23
4. David Greczek (Rutgers) - 22
5. Logan Ketterer (Bradley) - 23
6. Matt Gilbert (Boston U) - 22
7. Alex McCauley (NC State) - 22
8. Alex Kapp (Creighton) - 22
9. Kyle Morton (James Madison) - 22
10. Mike Kirk (La Salle) - 22

Bill says: It seems on the men's side the top goalkeepers are routinely at smaller schools. Klenofsky, Greczek, and Ketterer fit the modern mold as mobile, slim goalkeepers while Ferrell, Heavner, and Gilbert are more of the common stronger frame. One isn't necessarily better than another, but European goalkeepers typically fit the former build while Americans like the latter. Tulsa's Jake McGuire has received some press as well and could likely receive a combine invite.



1. Jeff Caldwell (Virginia) - 20
2. Ben Lundgaard (Virginia Tech) - 21
3. Paul Christensen (Portland) - 20
4. Andrew Shepherd (Western Michigan) - 22
5. Bobby Edwards (Saint Joseph's) - 21
6. Michael Nelson (SMU) - 21
7. Kyle Dal Santo (SIUE) - 21
8. Eric Dick (Butler) - 21
9. Nolan Wirth (Oregon State, Canadian) - 21
10. Collin Partee (Loyola Marymount) - 21

Bill says: USYNT goalkeepers Caldwell and Christensen have long been a part of the best of the class while Lundgaard and Shepherd have done well to work themselves into the conversation. Edwards sat this year with a foot injury and will still have two years to play. Kyle Dal Santo made some noise this postseason, pushing SIUE past both Michigan State and Butler in penalty kicks, before falling to Alec Ferrell and Wake Forest. Other goalkeepers in the mix include Michigan's Evan Louro (graduating early) and recent National Champion Andrew Epstein at Stanford.



1. JT Marcinkowski (Georgetown) - 19
2. Todd Morton (Delaware) - 20
3. Jonathan Klinsmann (California) - 19
4. Luis Barraza (Marquette) - 20
5. Jonny Sutherland (East Tennessee State, English) - 22
6. Elliott Rubio (Utah Valley) - 20
7. Sawyer Jackman (Florida Gulf Coast) - 20
8. Jimmy Hague (Michigan State) - 21
9. Ryan Cretens (UNC Wilmington) - 20
10. Colin Hanley (Xavier) - 20

Bill says: All aboard the Marcinkowski hype train. At this rate, don't be surprised if he leaves college a year early. Morton earned first team all-CAA while Klinsmann and Barraza will try to build off the ups and resolve the downs from this year. Rubio, Jackman, and Hanley all split time and need to solidify the starting spot for their junior year. While a little older than his classmates, Sutherland brings English YNT experience to the states and was rewarded with first team selection in the Southern Conference.



1. Kevin Silva (UCLA) - 18
2. Parker Siegfried (Ohio State) - 19
3. Arie Ammann (Penn State) - 20
4. Elliot Panicco (Charlotte) - 19
5. Marc Olsen (Central Arkansas, German) - 19
6. Remi Prieur (St. Mary's) - 19
7. Andrew Romig (North Carolina) - 18
8. Titouan Le Roux (UC Santa Barbara, French) - 19
9. Jimmy Slayton (Hartford) - 18
10. Drake Callender (California) - 19

Bill says: It seems like a lifetime ago that Kevin Silva was starting in the Nike Friendlies and now he finished the season as UCLA's starter. The freshmen group are distinguished in a number of ways. Panicco earned top goalkeeper in the Conference USA, Romig trained with the USL's Richmond Kickers last year, and Siegfried (Columbus), Prieur, and Callender (both San Jose) have homegrown possibilities down the line.