Everybody Soccered - Week 35

The NCAA soccer season has finally kicked off! Videos are hard to find but I've started collecting the ones I could find on a Big Soccer thread. I'm sure all those links will be dead in a year so enjoy them while they last. Top goalkeepers this past weekend were

1. Grayson Rector - Take note of his lanky, Friedel-like wingspan. Belmont lost 1-0 to South Carolina, but Rector made some great saves to keep it just at one goal allowed.

2. Pat Wall - Named to the IU Classic All-Tournament team, an annual tournament hosted by IU.

3. Jeff Caldwell, Paul Christensen - Two freshmen keepers who started for University of Virginia and Portland University. Not an easy task in itself and they only allowed one goal between them.

Honorable Mention: Tyler Miller picked up an assist in Northwestern's first game. No video but I trust the box score.

There were other goalkeepers that performed well but those were the top three (five) in my book.

Tim Howard has a dismal outing with Everton last weekend, losing 6-3. I say dismal because regardless of what happens it's a awful feeling you get in your stomach when you're scored on six times. The game prompted Tim Hill to blast Howard and almost bring up a really good point but instead he settled for really worn quips to finish the article. If you don't want to read it, Hill brings up the question,  "Is it time for Jurgen Klinsmann to turn to someone else?" He could have provided a little more in-depth analysis on what exactly he was doing that made him a "not great goalkeeper" instead of reaching at buzz words and digging up bad goals Howard allowed over a decade ago. 

Could not locate photographer. Not my photo.

Could not locate photographer. Not my photo.

On a lighter note, Howard had an interview with the Huffington Post and I really enjoyed this quote,

So the fact that kids are now watching the television and then go out in the backyard and want to be goalkeeper is a cool move.
— Tim Howard

Klinsmann called in three goalkeepers for the Czech Republic game on Wednesday: Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando, and Cody Cropper. Guzan has started his EPL season to a strong start by only allowing one goal in the first three games. As for the other two, I don't understand the call-ups. Rimando is 35 and while his club has basically solidified their playoff spot, surely there are other options out there that actually have a shot at making the next World Cup. As for Cropper, I can't imagine he'll play. I suppose it's good training for him but couldn't he get the same at his club? There aren't that many European-based American goalkeepers so I guess I give USMNT a pass on this one although it is sending mixed messages to the public. Cropper, still 21, has a long way to go and USMNT call-ups should be used for something more than training grounds.

FC Kansas City topped Seattle Reign FC 2-1 in the NWSL Championship on Sunday. Seattle goalkeeper Hope Solo was caught a little too far forward on both the goals. On the first one, her defender is still in the picture so she doesn't need to leave her six. If she stays back she can force the shooter to make a tougher shot than what she ends up taking. 

The next goal, Solo is sliding up in preparation for the 1v1 but again she takes too many steps. You can see her reeling backwards for the shot.

I'd like to see Solo show a little more patience in both situations although her aggressiveness has worked in the past so I don't fault her.

The U20s are convening for a ten day trip in Argentina. Jeff Caldwell (University of Virginia) and Santiago Castaño (New York Red Bulls) were called in. University of Michigan goalkeeper Evan Louro was on the roster but now he's not. He might have been recalled like some others.

Brad Stuver had to play bodyguard for a teammate a couple of weeks ago. You can skip to 2:25:00 in this video to see a scuffle break out near Stuver and then watch Stuver literally pick his player off the ground and carry him away. Things get even more hectic after that. An assistant coach (ex-goalkeeper Matt Glaeser) kicks a placed corner kick ball away from the opposing team when the ref isn't looking. All the players run off the field to break up the second altercation. Glaeser was later suspended three games for his actions.

A couple of firsts that caught my eye: Joe Nasco finally started an MLS game. He suited up for the Rapids on the 30th. Kyle Zobeck made his first professional appearance with the New York Cosmos after Jimmy Maurer picked up a red card.

Tony Meola is in the running for the Manager position in Philadelphia. It sounds like they're going to wait a while to make a final call on it.

Zac MacMath was awarded the US Open Cup's Player of the Round for his penalty heroics against FC Dallas, propelling the Union to the final. Even if MacMath is on his way out, he's having his best season to date and will have no trouble landing a gig in the US for 2015.

Dual-international William Yarbrough recently broke his right ring finger on the crossbar when he was attempting to make a save. Recovery time is a minimum three weeks. Some good news for American fans, he has still yet to commit to either Mexico's or the US's national team.

Luzenac had their latest appeal to advance into Ligue 2 rejected due to their stadium situation, which was deemed not suitable for Ligue 2. They are having yet another court date soon but who knows if that'll be the last one.

Scott Angevine is relocating within Finland. He wrote a nice message to his old club, Sporting Kristina, before moving to Vasa IFK.

Lastly, Babe Ruth played goalkeeper growing up. Not a huge surprise that Ruth played the position with the least amount of running in it.