episode eight - steve holroyd (soccer historian)

Steve Holroyd (@soccermavn) is a soccer historian and a part of SASH, the Society for American Soccer History. Recently the Soccer HOF opened in Frisco Texas, which Steve and the rest of SASH attended on its opening weekend, presenting various presentations from some of the members. Steve talked about the NASL college drafts and their general inability to “Americanize” the game, which we reference a few times in the conversation. The paper can be found here.

Listen here for a wonderful discussion on American soccer history, the US Hall of Fame, and SASH.

episode six - tim kelly (st. louis scott gallagher)

Today we’re here with Tim Kelly. Tim is a former MLS goalkeeper but more notably the Director of Goalkeeping for St. Louis Scott Gallagher. If you’ve ever looked at the list of clubs for a U17 or U20 US roster release, you’ve probably see Gallagher on there at some point. They’re a fairly prominent club, producing good field players and goalkeepers alike. Tim has developed or worked with a number of MLS goalkeepers at some stage in their career, as well having a number of young goalkeepers in the club that he’s really excited about. 

The conversation Tim and I had was pretty free-flowing and it picks up right in the middle, as there wasn’t a proper starting spot to be honest. Tim discusses his take on his job as a goalkeeper coach and where he inserts himself but also talks about how he gets out of the way of a goalkeeper’s development. He hits on some intangible qualities and mentalities that contribute to a goalkeeper’s success, as well as touching briefly on the US youth national team setup as far as goalkeepers are concerned. And then towards the end he shares why he’s optimistic about the future of American goalkeeping, despite the current lull we’re in.

Tim has a ton of experience in developing goalkeepers and he’s been around a while to prove the quality of his craft. So it was really wonderful to hear some outside-the-box thinking and someone to reassure us that the future is bright. So here’s Tim Kelly on American goalkeeping development.

episode two

Episode two returns with Tom Serratore (University of Oregon) who discusses his work with the St. Baldrick's Foundation and why off-the-field work is so important for him and his program. The NCAA recently published an article on one of Tom's players, Caitlyn Wong, on their work with St. Baldrick's, which can be read in full here.

season two: episode one

Stan Anderson joins the Everybody Soccer podcast in an attempt to revive the two-year hiatus. We discuss goalkeeper development in the college system.

At one point we talk about a double save by Eric Dick, which can be found here at the 0:20 mark.