S3E6: Justin Bryant (Goalkeeper Coach for NC State and Author of "Small Time")

Justin is a former professional goalkeeper, an accomplished writer, and the current goalkeeper coach for North Carolina State.

I’ve really appreciated Justin’s analysis over the years. It’s clear he approaches the position with not only a wealth of knowledge from all the years he’s played and coached but also with a mind that really takes into account all the nuances for any given situation. He doesn’t fall back on tired slogans or one size fits all phrases, and in general, when everyone is looking at one thing, he’s able to pick up on a small detail that others miss.

Today you’ll hear Justin talking about his autobiography, called Small Time: A Life in the Football Wilderness, which I absolutely loved the book’s honest and transparent display of professional football in the 80s and 90s. We’ll also cover his view on the entire country’s approach to goalkeeping as a whole, including where the USSF is coming up short. And finally we’ll recap with a game I came up with where I give Justin a variety of different situations one could face as a goalkeeper coach, and he weighs in on how he would handle it.