2019 MLS Mock Draft - Goalkeeper Edition

cover photo from the University of Maryland

Predictions for the 2018 draft were about as good as one can hope for: one of the eight perfectly predicted with bits and pieces of the rest being half-true. Some of the players were correctly predicted for certain rounds while some goalkeepers went completely undrafted, despite the whirlwind of goalkeepers flying off the shelf at one point. While this year’s talent doesn’t quite match last year’s lineup, here are six goalkeepers who may end up with an MLS team by the end of the week.

Dayne St. Clair - Orlando City, 1st Round, 3rd Overall Pick

Not many people have St. Clair this high on their draft lists but seeing as Orlando need another three goalkeepers with their USL team restarting this spring, seeing St. Clair in purple for 2019 makes sense. St. Clair supposedly won’t count as an international slot due to his Generation Adidas status, which is another plus for Orlando. Goalkeepers seem to be the safest position to select in Superdrafts and routinely go fairly early, especially when there’s a lot of praise on the player heading into the draft. Eric Dick went 13th overall in 2018. Tarbell 8th in 2016, Bono 5th in 2015, and Blake number one in 2014. Coming off a national championship, St. Clair could easily follow suit.

Rashid Nuhu - Minnesota United, 2nd Round, 32nd Overall Pick

There isn’t a general consensus on the second best goalkeeper in the draft so don’t be surprised if teams wait until the third round to follow up St. Clair’s draft pick. Minnesota cleared house and have two open spots at the moment, on top of a loose affiliation with Forward Madison who has zero goalkeepers on the books. Whether Nuhu ends up being a third or even fourth string goalkeeper, they should be able to find him some games with Madison in 2019.

Luis Barraza - Seattle Sounders, 3rd Round 68th Overall Pick

Barraza seems on track to forego a homegrown contract with Real Salt Lake to try his odds in the draft. Even if Seattle brings in Trey Muse, apparently a likely move for the Hoosier, the Sounders still have another two goalkeepers to go with Calle Brown set not to return at the moment. Barraza will likely be picked up by an MLS team at some point and Seattle are equally likely to select one this Friday.

Jimmy Hague - New York Red Bulls, 4th Round, 78th Overall Pick

Hague has received some polarizing press but he’s at the combine this week and the Red Bulls still need another two goalkeepers. While New York have done well to be churn out homegrown goalkeepers in the past, Hague fits the bill as far as classically tall, commanding keepers go. The Red Bulls may opt to go elsewhere to fill their USL side but by the time the fourth round comes around, there will surely still be a number of goalkeepers on the board that will be worth rolling the dice on.

Todd Morton - FC Dallas, 4th Round, 87th Overall Pick

It’s quite possible that FC Dallas will continue to fill their North Texas SC with academy players but they’d only be bolstered by having at least one goalkeeper on the squad over the age of 20. Morton has flown under the radar for most teams as he didn’t receive a combine invite, but for a USL side that seems intent on fast-tracking players to FC Dallas, Morton would be a good fit.

James Pyle - Sporting Kansas City, 4th Round, 93rd Overall Pick

Pyle is surely looking to add another chapter to his soccer career as the last goal he conceded was about as bad as it gets. SKC need another two goalkeepers for Swope Park and while they may turn to their academy to fill the slots, Pyle (who attended this year’s combine) will likely still be available in the fourth round.