Player Journal: Erin Scott - March 2017

Last week you committed to Campbell University so you have a lot to catch us up on. Walk us through the steps that led you to Campbell.

Well I am very fortunate to know the people that I do because the opportunity I had with Campbell was possible because of some people that have seen me play and basically put in a good word. There was a lot of thought that went into my decision but ultimately, when I got on campus at Campbell there was a culture within their team that was truly top notch. When I took my official visit, the entire time I could see myself at Campbell in the fall. Spending time with the team was a blast and I felt like I fit in right away. The entire coaching staff at Campbell are so invested and truly committed to what they are doing and have an end goal and I knew I wanted to be a part of what they were trying to accomplish.

To be completely honest, I left Campbell knowing I wanted to be there in the fall. Of course I had other amazing schools and offers to consider, but the feeling Campbell gave me makes me so excited for the first day of preseason.


Is there any advice you’d give to a player thinking about transferring?

Everyone always thinks of transferring as a terrible process but I have been very lucky and it truly has not been hard for me at all. I actually knew I wanted to transfer back at the end of the fall semester and I had asked for my release then, planning on transferring at the end of the fall semester. When I realized my intended timeline wasn’t going to line up, I had a conversation with my coach asking if he would allow me to train with the team in the spring since I was still going to be there. He was supportive of me and my decision and allowed me to continue to work out with the team.

I approached the entire situation in a very respectful manner and I am very glad I did because I realize that the respect is truly mutual. My teammates were completely supportive of my decision as well and have not treated me any differently in the spring while I have been training with them, knowing I am transferring. I have a leadership role on the team now and that also has not necessarily changed much. The entire process of transferring is not as bad as it is perceived to be. Approaching the situation with respect and transparency is definitely the best way to go. Just being honest with your coaches, and hopefully they will support you and want you to be successful wherever you go.


I think there’s a perception that a player only leaves a school if they hate every aspect of that school, which doesn’t seem to be your case. So how do you look back on your time at Creighton? 

That is definitely not the case for me, in fact, one of the reasons I chose Campbell was the similarities it has with Creighton. The one thing I love the most about Creighton, and Campbell for that matter, is the community aspect of the school. I will look back on my two years at Creighton and be very grateful for them and truly cherish the friendships and experiences that I have had. I am incredibly grateful for my teammates now because,  although everyone knows I will be transferring, I am not treated any differently on or off the field. Some of my teammates now will truly be friends for life and I have them to thank for so much.

My coaches have also had a bigger impact on me than they know. I cannot possible begin to thank everything my assistant coach, Stephanie Rigamat, has done for me. She has shaped me into the player I am in many ways. My goalkeeper coach, Luke Baxter, has also been vital in where I am today on and off the field. He has developed me and made me a better player and makes coming to early morning practices worth it. It is truly inspirational to have coaches that love what they do so much. Although my time at Creighton is wrapping up, I am ecstatic for the future and whatever it entails. I can’t even express how excited I am to get to Campbell and start this next chapter of my life.