End of Year NCAA Goalkeeper Rankings - Women's 2016

cover photo belongs to Katlyn Alapati/The Stanford Daily

Welcome back to Everybody Soccer's second annual NCAA Goalkeeper Rankings. We saw a number of the 2015 seniors do well in their first professional season - including the number three ranked senior earning Goalkeeper of the Year in Norway - and there aren't any lower expectations for this year's class. You can compare the lists to the 2016 preseason rankings if you're interested in seeing who has jumped up the rankings.



1. Jane Campbell (Stanford) - 21
2. Sammy Jo Prudhomme (USC) - 22
3. Kailen Sheridan (Clemson, Canadian) - 21
4. Lindsey Harris (North Carolina) - 23
5. Emily Armstrong (Connecticut) - 21
6. Ashton McKeown (Long Beach State) - 22
7. Hope Sabadash (Southeastern Louisiana, Canadian) - 21
8. Hannah Seabert (Pepperdine) - 21
9. Sydney Drinkwater (Florida Atlantic) - 22
10. Lillie Ehlert (Stephen F. Austin) - 21

Bill says: The most known goalkeepers in this class are Campbell, Sheridan, and Sabadash, all of which were listed on the preseason Hermann trophy watch list. Even though they didn't make the final shortlist, don't be surprised to hear their names called at the NWSL draft in January. Prudhomme (National Champion) and Harris (semifinalist with UNC) saw their stock jump this postseason with some fairly clutch performances. McKeown (SoCal FC) and Drinkwater (Florida Krush) spent time in the WPSL this summer and will look to make the jump to the professional game in 2017.



1. EJ Proctor (Duke) - 20
2. Emily Boyd (California) - 20
3. Lauren Clem (Northwestern) - 20
4. Katie Hatziyianis (Binghamton) - 20
5. Kat Elliott (South Florida) - 21
6. Caitlyn Clem (Wisconsin) - 22
7. Casey Murphy (Rutgers) - 20
8. Taylor Sebolao (Towson) - 21
9. Cassie Miller (Florida State) - 21
10. Miranda Horn (George Washington) - 20

Bill says: Proctor sets the standard for the group. Despite the lack height, she's rounded out the rest of her game to the point where she was a big reason why Duke returned Elite Eight for their second straight year. Clem was named first team all-conference in the always competitive Big Ten. Cassidy Murphy is probably the most notable name on the list after spending this fall with the U20 team at the World Cup but her performances can be streaky at times.



1. Jalen Tompkins (Colorado) - 19
2. Alexis Smith (UC Davis) - 20
3. Lainey Burdett (Arizona) - 20
4. Ella Dederick (Washington State) - 20
5. Charlee Pruitt (Loyola Marymount) - 20
6. Rose Chandler (Penn State) - 20
7. Olivia Swenson (North Dakota) - 19
8. Sarah Le Beau (Auburn) - 20
9. Samantha Leshnak (North Carolina) - 19
10. Amanda Poertner (Idaho) - 20

Bill says:  Tompkins had quite possibly the save of the season to secure a win against Washington. Le Beau and Swenson rightfully earned second team all-conference in their respective conferences. While a few goalkeepers missed the season this year, they shouldn't be overlooked moving forward. Portner was named the Big Sky's Goalkeeper of the Year as a freshman in 2015 but was sidelined this fall with an injury. Leshnak (behind senior Lindsey Harris) and Chandler (who was with the U20s) sat as well but both should be an active piece to their teams for 2017.



1. Amanda McGlynn (Virginia Tech) - 18
2. Brooke Heinsohn (Duke) - 18
3. Rylee Foster (West Virginia, Canadian) - 18
4. Mikayla Krzeczowski (South Carolina) - 18
5. Brittany Wilson (Denver) - 19
6. Teagan Micah (UCLA, Australian) - 19
7. Evangeline Soucie (Kentucky) - 18
8. Carly Nelson (Utah) - 18
9. Amanda Knaub (Monmouth) - 18
10. Haley Smith (Illinois State) - 18

Bill says: The freshmen group boasts some international flare with Foster (Canada) and Micah (Australia) making their names known early into their collegiate careers. Wilson and Krzeczowski share USYNT ties but McGlynn's performance this year for the Hokies was really outstanding. McGlynn, who graduated high school a year early, started 16 games in the ACC with .753 save percentage.