Horse Guy Interview: A New Addition to MLS

This week, Everybody Soccer pushes the envelope on the term "Everybody" by talking with MLS's most iconic fan, Horse Guy. You may recognize the Revolution's biggest supporter by his ginormous horse head or quite average human body. Horse Guy spoke about his connection with the Revolution and aspirations for the future of the fanbase.


18, Male, Massachusetts, mostly in my stable.

What is your background in soccer?

My life revolved around soccer. It was the most popular sport growing up, every kid wanted to play it. At first, they let me join the town league, but as I grew older, the referees banned my hooves, calling them "insufficient footwear" and a "danger to the other players." Sad to say, my soccer career ended there.

What is your ideal position in soccer? Tell us about the type of player you are.

I would have to say I'd be a forward. I have one horsepower, in car terms, and that allows me to speed away from defenders. Also I can get my big head on just about any cross. Scoring goals gets the fillies as well.

Assuming by the rarity of half-human-half-horses at soccer games, how does your family feel about you supporting the Revolution so publicly?

They are all very supportive of me. They know my background with not being able to play past the age of eight and they know I still love the game. They allow me to live my dream through the Revs.

How many other animals out there support MLS teams? Or are horses just ahead of the evolutionary curve?

I am not very sure about wildlife that watches soccer. I think that horses are the first. I think my brethren are still behind me in an evolutionary standpoint - don't tell them I said that - but we are evolving in herds.

How have the fans in New England responded to your involvement with the fanbase?

They have been more welcoming than I could have ever imagined. The Fort (New England's loudest section) chants "HORSE-GUY" when I get onto the big screen and the fans around me have grown to adore me.

Favorite thing to eat at the stadium?

Peanut M&M's. I don't know why, but they are.

If you could add another club into MLS, what club would that be and why?

Easy one. I'd add the Marshall Thundering Herd. I don't care that they are a college team. I want them in MLS for obvious reasons... because I like the color green.

Who is the MLS player you relate the most with?

Lee Nguyen. His catch phrase last year was "Nguyening." Mine is "Nguyennying." [sic]

Last question, what’s an improvement you’d like to see from New England to accommodate more animal-based fans at the game?

Stables. They have a hotel in Patriot Place for traveling human fans. What if a horse from LA wanted to watch a game?