2015 American Goalkeeper Destinations

Currently there are 43 professional soccer teams in America and Canada : 19 MLS, 10 NASL, 14 USL. In 2015 there will be around 54 teams (!!!), depending on which teams can fulfill their promise to exist. The eleven new teams will each have three goalkeepers on their roster, meaning that thirty-three new spots for goalkeeper will open up across all three leagues. Not all of them will be filled by American goalkeepers of course, but most of them will. It's safe to say the American goalkeeper job market is skyrocketing.

To help with all the hoopla, I'll be updating a database of all the off-season moves each team makes in their goalkeeper department. In the legend below, you can click on the team to jump to a specific section. Several USL teams are affiliated with an MLS team and those teams are paired the two with the same color. If the MLS-USL row of colors don't match then there is no affiliation.

(If you are on your phone, the jump action doesn't always work but the teams are listed alphabetically so you can scroll down to the desired club. MLS is the first bunch, then USL, NASL, and outsiders are at the bottom.)

Each team block includes their goalkeeper roster as well as youth prospects that are either in college or on the academy team. These players haven't signed with the senior team yet but are available for a homegrown contract if they choose to do so. The Out/In/Rumored section is where I'll be posting movement and rumblings of possible interest. If a player cannot or will not play for the US I put them in italics and listed their international allegiance.

Check out the 2014 MLS Player Salaries if you’re wondering what the asking price is for certain players.

Apologies if your team's colored box isn't the exact shade of green that's found on the jersey.